Right Brain

This Blog is Shutdown

Sorry this blog is closed. The right brain and the left brain cannot find common ground and have stopped working together.

In fact they are no longer on speaking terms, at least not with each other.

But, strangely, point a camera or a microphone in their direction and they’ll find all sorts of things to say.

It’s just that most of it makes no sense.

RB: The left brain is overly logical and lacks empathy.

LB: The right brain is all passion and no process.

RB: The left brain is cold and calculating.

LB: The right brain knows the numbers won’t support it.

Nobody knows how it will play out.

In the meantime innocent readers just like you are being deprived of quality blogging.

While the author’s wife and eleven kids only have enough food to last until Oct 17th, or possibly November 22nd, depending on whose inventory of the larder you believe.

How could this happen to a blogging superpower I hear you ask.

And that dear reader is the 16.7 trillion dollar question.

But regrettably, it is not an answer.

RB: (together) I’m not sitting at the keyboard until you give me what I want.

LB: (together) I’m not sitting at the keyboard until you give me what I want.

It's deadlock, an impasse, a conundrum.

In the meantime, this blog remains closed.