The X Effect (part one)

The Apple Effect The Apple effect is what happens when you produce exceptional user experience based on intuition instead of research.

And turn it into what is probably the best technology in the world.

Technology that’s so intuitive, and childishly easy to use, it’s almost anti-technology.

That’s how valuable intuition can be.

Of course it helps when you have a grown-up child running the company so well.

Come back Steve we miss you.


The Boutique Effect

The boutique effect is the growth of small thinking.

It’s also ubiquitous, from boutique hotels to boutique law firms, via financial boutiques and boutique spas, what was once a 60’s word for a groovy clothing store signifies what exactly?

It’s simply a French word for shop, but when its usage has even spread to industry, as in boutique manufacturing, it obviously signifies something more.

It’s a promise of a personal touch that’s increasingly hard to deliver and therefore more sought after than ever.

It’s the notion that personal and nimble service is better and worth paying (more) for.


The Churchill Effect

The Churchill effect is persistence writ larger than life, a determination to overcome adversity and mistakes.

It’s self-belief in the face of overwhelming odds.

Because he knew, when your back is against the wall, you need resolute creativity to stop the wall falling on your head.

But there was more.

Here was a man who not only played a huge part in saving the free world, he was witty and smart.

He didn’t just write books, he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

And in his spare time he enjoyed bricklaying and keeping pigs.

So perhaps the real Churchill effect is the stuff of legend.


 The Da Vinci Effect

The Da Vinci effect goes beyond mere beauty and even beyond genius.

Although it usually takes both to make it happen.

It’s that moment when the sublime connects us to the divine.

People most commonly experience it as a result of great art.

Or when they get lucky, great sex.

However you experience it, you’ll know when you do, because if only for a moment you and the universe will be completely in synch.

To be continued...