Text Abbreviations the Industry Could Use

  1. MLB – Make Logo Bigger

    Three sadistic little thumb strokes guaranteed to plunge a knife in to the heart of any Art Director.

  2. TCAD – The Client’s a Dork

    TCAW –The Client’s a Wanker (UK)

    Naturally never applies to any of my clients.

  3. IWIDT – I Wish I’d Done That

    Last year’s IWIDT was indubitably the sweet smell of Old Spice.

  4. NAFG – Not Another Focus Group

    A less profane form of SNAFG and a perennial for those working on P&G brands.

  5. SYIC – See You in Cannes

    Particularly gratifying when sent to ex partners or bosses you know for sure aren’t going.

  6. IWAGL­– I Won a Gold Lion.

    Under no circumstances hit send. They’ll find out and hate you anyway, but they may hate you just a little less if you don’t spam your entire address book.

  7. DYSAA – Did You See Ad Age?

    DYSC – Did You See Campaign? (UK)

    Only used when the story you’re referring to is so glaringly obvious it requires no further explanation, like the agency you work for going belly up.

  8. AIWSTDD – As I Was Saying to David Droga

    In the interests of credibility please use sparingly and ensure what follows is not completely lame.

  9. ICGZ – I Can Get Zack

    Invariably used by someone with absolutely no chance of persuading Zach Galifianakis to do your commercial.

  10. ISMOA ­­– I’m Starting My Own Agency

    Maybe you are, but 999 times in a thousand it’s just the Grey Goose honking.