Regards is Fine

I’m getting a disturbing amount of email with inspirational quotations tacked on as a sign off. Not being a mean spirited guy, when it’s from a plumber, chiropractor, or widget maker I let it go; on the basis that they are not in the communications business.

But I find it annoying when creative professionals use this device.

I got one the other day from a designer who used this sign off:

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” – Albert Einstein.

I thought it was hilarious.

I imagine when Einstein said this he was encouraging individuals to use their  individual imaginations by referring to the power of the collective imagination.

But why bother to do that when you can just co-opt a quote from the imagination of a genius?

Talk about unintentional irony.

What do his clients' make of this?

a) He knows who Einstein is?

b) He doesn't have much knowledge but he has imagination and Einstien says it's OK?

c) I give up..

If you really want your email to inspire, shouldn’t the inspiration come from words you’ve written yourself, especially if you’re selling creative services?

And if the words in your email are inspiring, I think it’s enough to sign off with a simple: