5 Tips For Businesses

1. Impact

Some call it impact, others cutting through the clutter. Whatever you call it if you fail to get noticed, everything else is irrelevant. But getting noticed is just a start.  You also want to be remembered. In short, you need a proposition that’s unmistakeable and irresistible.

2. Who are you talking to?

I once had the President of an electronics company override his own Marketing Director and drop a campaign that had just been bought because he didn’t like it. We were targeting 18-25 year olds and the President was in his late fifties. His disapproval probably meant we were on the right track. Understanding your target focuses your message.

3. Expectations

On a bank campaign, the brief was to get people to change banks. But the bank offered nothing its competitors didn’t. Well, when was the last time you changed your bank because of an advertising campaign? It’s advertising not magic, and there are limits to what it can achieve. If your expectations are unrealistic – you’ll be disappointed.

4. Rewards

You can make the best product in your field or in the world and it’s meaningless unless you can get people interested. You create interest by involving prospects in your advertising, and do this by rewarding them for the time they invest reading it. You reward people by entertaining or intriguing them, before you start selling to them.

5. Word of mouth.

Ask anyone, it’s the best kind of advertising. But it doesn’t just happen very often. You can encourage it, by producing advertising that gets people talking. When was the last time you heard a spontaneous comment about yours?